Motherhood can be overwhelming most of the time, there’s no book or degree in the university to prepare you for it. It’s more of natural instincts and common sense that we have to experience day by day. Natural instincts in terms of how we are raised as a child will be most of the time the default reaction on how we handle things. We might read those “How To” books to know what to expect about it, but there’s no like it when we are on the line experiencing it. The things we read in the book or hear from other mothers might work for them and not for us because we all face a different situation.

When I first became a mother, it was pure joy and fear of the uncertain. Believe me, like most of you, I have a lot of “what if?” questions in my mind, and that is very stressful and overwhelming. So I take it day by day learning from what I did wrong today and improve it on the next time. In that experience, I develop a selfless life putting my wants and needs second before my family. Just like when I go to a mall thinking to buy something for myself and ended up buying nothing for myself but all for my kid. I don’t know if this happened to you but I would start going to women’s section but would not find something interesting there and go to the kid’s section and find everything there very interesting.

For a long time, I have been doing this not even realizing how it has taken so much of who I am. At first, it didn’t bother me because I have a day job to keep me busy. But when I stopped working and become a full-time homemaker I began asking myself, “What would I do when my kid would be all grown up?”. For years, I didn’t have the answer for that. Then one day I took a pause and look back who I was, check what matters most to me now, and think what do I want my life to be in the future.

Who I was, like other girls who lived in a generation growing up with the idea of a princess living happily ever after with  her prince charming would follow the path of growing up, finish school, get a job, marry and have kids. I did that, then what? In reality, it’s not “live happily ever after” but the reality of life. That’s one of my mistakes I did not move on to that dream and got stagnant building a great wall of comfort zone instead of continuing to make more goals exploring what life has to offer and live a meaningful life. What matters most to me now is to raise my kid in all my abilities so that she will be ready to face the real challenges of life ahead. And at the same time challenging myself to go beyond my limits and continually inspire myself and others. I know it’s not an easy road for me because I had always lived in my comfort zone but now it’s time to take my step and live my life to the fullest, after all, we only have one chance in this life better to make it count.

Take courage to make that step and don’t stop creating new goals, achieve them and do the cycle up until the end. Cheers!