Life of a mother at times is like going through a 8 hours trail but came half prepared. Did the usual preparation for a family day hiking and started very optimistic enjoying every step and nature’s view. But along the way a simple miss of turn brings you to the point of no return, wherein your almost in the middle of nowhere and only going forward will be the way out so that you will not be stuck on the trail when evening comes soon. Making the situation worse is that seeing that you consumed most of your resources, knowing the lack of water and food will be a great challenge to finish the trail and get home safely.

In situations like this, it is tempting to go into panic mode, be crazy, be desperate, or give up and call 911. Yes, life can be that tough most especially for mothers, who always put others before themselves. We all face different challenges every day, whether it’s waking up in the morning and the first question in your mind is “what’s the menu for today?”, or keeping your cool when everything else in the house is upside down, or going to the grocery making sure you only get what’s on the list or else you’ll overshoot your budget for the week, or patiently answering all the question of your kid while you’re trying to take a nap. Yeah, all those small challenges every hour at home we face. Motherhood is no easy role and responsibility.

Giving up is not an option. What you can do is to take a deep breath, compose yourself, and tell everyone in the family including yourself, “We can do this!”. Then you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve beyond your limits mentally, physically and emotionally. This Labour Day weekend I had an amazing experience with my family where we faced a great challenge during our day hike at the trail and working together as a unit we accomplished something that we never imagine we can do. Disregarding all the screaming pain in my body and continually encourage my family so we can finish what we started and come home safely. Seeing my family go through this tough challenge pushing beyond our limits, it inspires me to start a blog to continuously inspire myself and other Mums out there, that there’s no challenge that we can’t overcome, most especially when we do it with our family.