Like almost everyone else I was so excited when Pokémon GO launched here in Canada 2 months ago, I immediately download the game and gave it a try. At first, it was more of curiosity on the technology and explore its features. Then I was also thrilled because my kid and I are enjoying the game, ahem! excuses. We often take a walk and explore the different areas nearby to catch some Pokemon or walk an egg.

Just as the goal of the game, it did encourage us to go outside often and be active. And not long, I got hooked into the #pokemongocraze it’s like somewhat an addiction hands and eyes glued to the game most of the time if not all the time when I’m outside. Stressing out when the GPS get crazy and not record my walking the egg or when I drain my battery and knowing there are still a lot of PokeStops I haven’t visited in the area. Yeah, we all have to go through that.

It’s really out of hand and crazy. I need to take control of my life back. For days, I try to stay out of it but always fail miserably, it’s like the urge that I will miss something if I will not check on it. Yeah, that crazy huh. And 2 weeks ago, I finally had the courage to go completely Pokémon GO Free, and these are the things that happened to me:

  • No more unnecessary stress.
  • I feel free and not enslaved by a game.
  • I enjoyed my walk more and appreciate the things that are real around me.
  • Going out for a run at the trail is more fun and be with nature fully.
  • When I’m out, I have a more meaningful conversation with my family and even have more interaction with other people we meet along the way.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s wrong or not fun to play Pokémon GO because it is fun and exciting. What I realized in this experience is that in everything we do, do it in moderation, in that way we can enjoy more our life and what’s real around us.