Having lots of stuff is very stressful, this is one of the things I learned in moving to a different country. I don’t consider myself as a materialistic person until my family decided to move here in Canada a year ago. All our stuff accumulated throughout the years comes judgment day, deciding what stuff we can bring and what should be let go.

As you can imagine the stress I have to go through sorting our things and letting go of those especially with sentimental value. Knowing that I have to do something about it, I then created a strategy and stick to it no matter how hard it is. The process below was done multiple times in a couple of months until I was able to narrow down our stuff to 3 large and 2 small suitcases.


Having experienced that, I do not want to go through that situation again. Luckily I have a chance to start a new life and choose not to repeat the mistakes I had before, it’s like starting with a clean slate. So now when I buy something I would always have the criteria at the back of my head: “Is this really important, useful, and easy to maintain in terms of storage and cleaning?”. Then I began to appreciate a simplified life not only in terms of material possession we have but most importantly my way of thinking that makes me more effective in the things I do. Simplifying my life and how I think would mean…

  1. Lesser time to clean the house because less stuff is less clutter.
  2. Focus time and energy on essential things, rather than exerting effort on worrying where to store things and arranging it or what to wear later.
  3. Enjoying great space at the house that enables me to walk freely, move around to stretch and think, it’s like flowing of energy without barriers that block my view.
  4. Maximizing the use of the things I bought, rather than letting it sit in the cabinet and covered with dust.
  5. Valuing travel and experience more than spending money on stuff that can give only temporary happiness.

These are only a few I learned living a simple life that makes my day less stressful if not stress-free and I am excited to learn more every day how it can improve me as a person.