“Women are more sensitive than Men.” Have you heard this phrase? In the past weeks, I contemplate on this while trying to get to know more about myself and what makes me a sensitive person and I remember seeing an article comparing the route of a Man and Woman going to the grocery to buy something. It was a bit hilarious, as you may have guessed the man tends to go directly to the point and gets out of the grocery faster while Women will systematically go to each section one by one before going to the checkout counter. And I asked myself, “Why is it like that?”.

I’m no sociologist or psychologist expert but what I have observed generally Men tend to focus directly on the subject matter and achieving the goal while Women also focus on the subject matter and goal but at the same time also thinks about “what if scenarios” or “how will it affect others”. So yes I would agree that Women are more sensitive than Men and their ability to sensitively react right away like:

  1. Seeing from the corner in our eye the gravy drippings on the kitchen counter and we know that we need to clean that up right away or it will be hard to remove it later ones it dries up.
  2. Smelling right away that the trash hasn’t been emptied for a couple of days and it’s overflowing, even though it is already late at night we drag our feet to put the trash out.
  3. Hearing from the living room that someone has left the faucet in the washroom dripping.
  4. Tasting that the food in the fridge and knowing that it’s a week old pizza.
  5. Touching those pants hanging in the closet and knows that it definitely needs laundry.
  6. Sensing that making a coffee for two will be the logical thing to do first thing in the morning but never get a chance that someone else will do that for you without requesting it or unless you’re in a coffee shop and the barista will make your warm cup of coffee.

Being sensitive is using our senses right? So yeah I would agree that I am sensitive. Especially being a mother, I’m sensitive to anything when it comes to my family’s well-being almost every time before mine. Well, sometimes it sucks being sensitive because wouldn’t it be a relief to know that someone else can think before you about those small little details needs to be done at home and be able to focus on other big things?

I’m not saying that this is true for all women or men, this is what I observed and experienced, how about you what you think about this?