Where’s the remote? That’s the question echoed the house 4 days ago. It’s understandably difficult in this house that some stuff just won’t make it to its proper place since we got 3 independent minds existing in this space. It can sometimes be frustrating knowing that each “thing’s home” is an accessible place for ease of use and a constant reminder is not missing.

Clearly, a lesson must be learned to somewhat eliminate the issue. So I decided and told my kid unless the remote will be found no TV time or not even borrowing the remote from the unit. Yeah! I know it’s a bit harsh but something must be done. Then the other day, while I step out for a bit my husband and kid played Sherlock Holmes in finding the remote, I can only imagine how they frantically they look for it because when I came home I saw the scribbles on the whiteboard about “Last Memory” and concluding that “last watching was Mama” clearly the “and Papa” was added later on. Sadly, they did not find the remote and stated they “checked everywhere”.

Judging by the looks of it, yes they checked everywhere but noticed the box beside the bed didn’t move an inch and asked, “Can you please decide if you still will use or need those papers/arts in the box? If not, please put them in the bin.” Then less than 3 minutes after, Lo and Behold! – the remote! With a grin on my face looking at my husband and at the back of my head, I exclaimed, “Yeah! Mama knows best!”. I then explained to my husband that our kid had that box to put the small stuff or artwork there so that it will not make a lot of mess in the space and there is a threshold for me to know that it needs to be sorted out and that it’s likely the best spot for lost items.

I also learned something that night that the box beside the bed was something useful and served its purpose making the small mess in a contained area and at the same time my kid and I might disagree a lot of times on putting things in its proper place or make those mess, especially arts, on the floor I can proudly say, Mama knows best!