It’s not every day we see a graceful Crow makes it to the other side of the crosswalk, I stand there on the side looking at it in awe one foggy morning.

My realization that day was I’m like a crow, a small insignificant being surrounded with a very big pathway of life at times I cannot even see clearly what’s ahead through the fog of trials and noise within. Staying on one side of the road will not get me anywhere and going forward would mean there are a lot of uncertainties and danger ahead. But I always have the choice in getting stuck in one side or bravely cross to the other side where we will discover new things, learn new lessons, and experience life.

I may not be gracefully crossing the pathway of life now but I’m pretty sure I was braver than yesterday that I made my step slowly one step at a time to cross that road. I always tell myself that it’s ok to be scared, it’s that first step that is always the scary part and the rest will be history. Like the crow, let’s take courage to take that step and experience life.