Let’s face it Moms at some point we are frustrated and tired on how many times have we picked up those stuff on the floor or those stuff that didn’t make it to the “proper place”. I have been always asking myself why can’t other members of the family have the thought of putting anything that was taken back to its proper place! Isn’t it obvious?

At first, I thought Information maybe if I will tell everyone which thing goes where and Yes! it worked but only for a couple of days. Then I then thought maybe tell them the Importance putting those things properly. And again it worked only a couple of days then back to the normal mess. Thirdly, maybe if I will tell them my Frustration on putting back those over and over again they would finally understand. And again it only worked for a couple of days. Or maybe having those “proper place” be conveniently place for Easy Access that will not be hard for sure. Again it only worked for a couple of days.

Then I gave up! I then realized maybe it’s all my fault because I keep doing those things (picking up) and it’s like I volunteered myself every day to do those things that it ended up it’s a default that I’m responsible doing those stuff. Well, one day I had enough! I know I have to find a job and work soon and I can’t imagine stressing out on those small pesky things. My head shouts “I want to share these responsibilities for me to also focus on my career goals”. I will soon have different priorities that I need to face and I want to lessen my burden on doing it. HEEEELP!

So last week, I stop doing them, but at times I pointed it out. At this point, it was a bit hard for me to do it because I don’t want to be completely useless not being able to do the small task while I’m a “Full-time Stay at home mom”. It’s painful not to do it, but I need to be firm and focus on getting that job and achieving my goal in putting my career back on track.

Then I realized I have been barking at the wrong tree all along, and the root cause is that all my current priorities in terms of household activities are not part of their priority so it’s easy for them to not do it or totally ignore that dirty counter with unwashed dishes. It’s time to make these things be part of their priority so can also focus on my career goals. So far it’s working well, like everyone helping out the chores around the house and I am very happy on the teamwork around here.

In conclusion, Moms let’s not always volunteer ourselves to do the household chores instead, let’s help everyone else make household chores also their priority to lessen our burdens and everyday stress.