Fall season is one of the most colorful seasons of the year, those warm colors you see outside brings life to the colder weather in Vancouver. And it is also that time of year that we bring home that big orange pumpkin that we picked from the pumpkin patch, in our case we got it from Willow View Farm in Abbotsford during our road trip last weekend.


Honestly, I’m still getting used to this idea since it’s still our 2nd Halloween here. Back in the Philippines when we reach the “BER” months (SeptemBER – DecemBER) it signifies that it’s the start of putting out the Christmas decors and carols are played in the mall to have that Christmas spirit that everyone is looking forward. So we don’t really decorate much for Halloween until recently where business establishments are bringing the idea, but no pumpkin carving, though. We usually celebrate it to remember our dead, by visiting the cemetery and have a family gathering having that sumptuous home cooked meals.

So last weekend, my kid and I had fun while we are choosing the right pumpkin, I can see that genuine smile in my kids face that made me happy. But the best part of it was when we went home and did the carving. Carefully working together we created an art together. It was a special moment because I know that not long from now, we will be talking about this when my kid is all grown up. I always treasure these moments being at home with my kid sharing our memories together. And for the last touch, we placed the candle inside to give that scary look.

How about you how will you celebrate your Halloween this year?