“The only thing that is constant is change.” -Heraclitus

Autumn is by far my favorite season here in Vancouver, with all the vibrant colors bringing life amidst the mostly gloomy rainy weather here. For a new resident here, season change can be very frustrating at times because it brings lots of changes around me that also affects me. I realized that going against this change will do no good for me because I can’t argue with mother nature, but rather adapting to it by adjusting my daily activities working with the new environment around me makes my life easier and less stressful.

Like the day I took that picture, it was a gloomy day and prior to that are long rainy days. I have 2 options that day, one I can mope around and be unproductive or I can go outside for a run and keep myself physically healthy. And I chose to do something – run.

The same in life, we experience all the time different changes around us and some of it is a tremendous change that can really shake our very own existence. Being human it’s normal to resent these changes especially when it brings us out of our comfort zone. But at the same time being human, we have the choice to be miserable or be happy. Either way, whatever we choose it can have a ripple effect around us that can make a difference for better or for worse.

In these days, I hear a lot of people complaining almost every change that happened in their life or practically about everything, but doing nothing about. Sadly, it only brings more negativity and hate to the surroundings. Accepting the changes in our life and working with it is the most sensible thing to do. Don’t make any mythical excuses to get around it. Being adaptive is a great skill to have especially in this fast-paced world. Since we all belong to an environment and community wherein we contribute to its success directly or indirectly. Always remember that the small action we do contributes to the definition of our community whether for the good or bad.

In conclusion, accept these changes and make it an opportunity for personal growth and most importantly stop complaining, start doing.