Software Engineering has really given a great impact in my life to a day to day basis. Learning all these concepts and applying it not only to software development but at the same time at home. I would like to share the two principles I live by when doing something or deciding for something whether it’s in software development or at home are Usability and Maintainability.

But what do you mean by ease of use and maintainable mean? In my perspective as a developer, you only define only those methods that are only useful to the feature you’re creating. Eliminating those redundant codes and at the same time ensuring that it can be easily understood not only by yourself but also to other developers making it easier to maintain the software which can lead to lesser time and effort in debugging.

In software development, these two principles are very useful to consider during design if you don’t want to get a mess out of yourself or others later on after the product is released spending much time and effort digging into that spaghetti code to fix a bug. In my experience, being part of a legacy project for a long time I saw a lot of messy codes which take a lot of effort and time to investigate (well effort & time in development = money) that could have prevented if usability and maintainability are considered in the first place. Well, those are the lessons I learned in that experience that made me very particular on those two.

How Usability and Maintainability be useful in my life?

By nature, I am one of those impulsive people when I see that ‘SALE’ sign it drives me crazy. Then later on like many people would regret the waste of money. These things only gave me temporary happiness and not very meaningful.

Later on after learning these principles, I became wiser in my buying habits (well not 100% but most of the time at least). I know in the past that when I buy stuff base on my impulse that would end up that a waste of money because it’s not really a need and I don’t use it all or as much and at the same time it only takes up space at home which in the long run be dusty and gives me a headache during cleaning time.

So before I decide on buying something I would ask myself these questions:

  1. Do I need it?
  2. Do I really really need it? (Well, sometimes our brain tricks us that we need it.)
  3. Do I have an existing item that can do the same job to this thing?
    • If yes, what makes this special?
  4. If I buy it, how will storage look like?
  5. Is it easy to clean?

Yes! I ask myself these questions, so I can lessen my stress in dealing these things I have in the house. With these guiding questions, it helped me save resources in terms of money, time, effort and space.

  1. Money – I’m able to wisely spend and eliminate unnecessary things that I don’t need.
  2. Time & Effort – the process of asking myself may take a lot of effort initially but in the long run it saves me from spending effort in cleaning or maintaining that item.
  3. Space – saving myself from additional clutter in the house because for every item that you bring in your house it has an equivalent space to be placed in.

How about you? What are the things that you consider when buying or deciding for something?