Last night I had an opportunity to talk to a lovely lady from Dubai at SFU Trottier Observatory event where they had an open house and we get to see this amazing telescope that can capture awesome photos from space. Although it was a cloudy night, it was still fun and informative.

This morning, I was reminded why we decided to come to this country and leave behind our “good life” back to what we used to call home country. As a parent, practically speaking we cannot control the lives of our children and could only hope for the best to their future. But what we can do right now while they’re still young is to prepare them for the future, surround them different amazing opportunities (that most of us don’t have while growing up) and guide them along the way. Then hopefully one day, they can have the choice in life that can make them happy.

Going back to the lady I met last night she shared to me how she loves the stars at a young age back home and would like ask her father to drive her very early in the morning to the deserts to see the stars. And now being here at Vancouver she has the chance to see the stars with the awesome telescope at SFU Trottier Observatory just a walking distance to her residence now, after all it’s not all cities have this kind of equipment.

I’m very thankful to have met her last night because it’s for this reason, having an amazing options of opportunities, is the reason why we came here. All these depressing cold weather and challenges we are facing right now are worth the sacrifice just to give our kid that exposure that can hopefully be helpful in life.

Cheers to parenthood!

How about you? As a parent,what are the things you are willing to give up for your children. Or as a son/daughter, what are the things you are thankful that your parents did to prepare in life? I would love to hear your thoughts.