Monday morning thoughts while I’m having my warm coffee. It’s beautiful to see Mr. Sun decided to show up this morning, you’ll get that mindset of warmth although it’s 4°C outside.

While I’m sitting here appreciating the brightness of the sun I can’t help notice the stained glass in front of me and realize that this building has been here for quite some time now. As the building gets older you would really notice its changes, like in this case the glass is dirty probably from the changing weather over the years or poor maintenance. Either way, it ended up now stained.

So in life, we get to experience and learn a lot of things but as we get older we become “rusty” as they call it, in some aspect at our life. If we are not careful enough to take good care of ourselves or nurture our mind, body and soul then we will truly get to that point of being “rusty”. But we can do something about it now while we can, we can do some maintenance to ourselves. Making oneself sharp and getting rid of those dirty spots in our life before it becomes harden and difficult to remove.

For me, it would mean for me to never stop exploring beyond my comfort zone, learn something new every day and keep learning on what I already know. Keeping myself sharp and lessen that dirt into a minimum before it became a rust.

How about you? I would love to hear your thoughts on how you make yourself not being “rusty”?

Happy Monday Everyone. Let’s start the week with full of vigor!