Finally, December is here! For many of us, it this month that we are in the spending mode. Where we make that shopping list that would echo down the hall way – Christmas shopping. It is also one of the stressful months that we go into as an adult, sweating out what’s a special gift for our loved ones. Not to mention the preparation for a themed corporate Christmas party, the agony of choosing a perfect outfit, so draining. And you will see that Christmas rush everywhere that can drive you crazy.

But I have one simple question, when you buy a gift what is normally your consideration?

  1. It’s the trending gift on the mall.
  2. Something that is on Sale. (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and many more)
  3. Anything that I find cute in the mall.
  4. This will look good on him/her.
  5. He/She asked for it. (probably a wish list)

When you do make the consideration are you sure your not being bias on choosing a gift base on your preference? Like something I would buy for myself? As I learn more about myself and how I can live my life as a minimalist it has occurred to me that gift giving can sometimes be offensive. As I explained in my previous blog, “How migrating taught me to live a simplistic life“, about how our friends and family are giving us stuff they don’t need anymore that they think it will be useful for us. I know they have the best intentions, but honestly, I really feel offended of some of the gifts. It felt like someone else has invaded my creativity space and my freedom is placed in a smaller box. I know it’s a bit harsh but I would love to decide on what are the things that will be useful and harmonious in our house. Luckily, we had the courage to say no to them or we will end up a lot of junk in the closet and the headache on proper disposal lateron.

At that point, I began to promise to myself that I will not be giving out any “material gifts” if possible unless there’s a consent from the other person (see #5 above) that it can be of use to them. Instead, buy a gift card where they can pick out something of their preference or something edible for sure you cannot get wrong with that or treat them to a restaurant where you can share happy moments.

So far me, gift giving this Christmas from the lesson I learned in the past months are the following:

  1. Don’t give just for the sake of giving, if that’s the case better not give at all.
  2. Respect other’s preferences and not what we think will suit them.
  3. Speding time and share happy moments over material gifts which can only add up to their junk in the closet.

How about you, what does gift giving means to you?

Cheers to December!