As I venture out early this morning to do some excursion downtown, I ended up having my morning froth here ar North Vancouver. Then I realize this will be last hurrah before going to work, since I had to temporarily stop working for years to be a Full-time Mom. 

So I’m sitting here enjoy my cup of coffee keeping myself warm in this -5°C weather and enjoying the view of downtown Vancouver. As I was checking today’s daily prompts, conundrum. Wait what?! I have to lookup the dictionary, it a puzzling term I thought. Oh well, good to have a new vocabulary.

 Sitting here quietly, reflecting my achievements this year and the things I look forward next year. But most importantly, I realize having “Me Time” can be very refreshing. Setting aside for awhile my responsibilities, mom duties, and all the worries letting the time pass by sitting and enjoying the view.

So Moms I encourage you to do this it’s healthy for our mind and spirit – I now feel energize. And Dads, please encourage your wife to do this once in awhile, don’t wait for her to say it because we most of the time put our family first before ourselves and it’s not easy to do what we do. I know your also doing your best to support your wife but giving us a “Me Time” will be very helpful to recharge and reboot.

I would love to hear from you all on what you think of “Me Time”?