Like a high school student excited for the first day of school was my feeling for my first day of work. It is not the time to mope around but all the excitement and mixed emotions compact in one – deep breaths. During my first day it was a bit overwhelming with all the information given to be, but luckily my new officemate are very welcoming and kind that I feel at home right away. It is one of the reasons that I applied to this company, I was looking forward to work with amazing people who are kind and that sense of family.

Now that I’m in the mark of my first week, I had established my new routines – not being at home most part of the day, is one of my year-end accomplishments that I’m proud of. Now it’s time to re-asses our strategy on making things work at home, you know all the household stuff that a mother does. So this morning I woke up earlier than usual and began to list down in our whiteboard the chores that needed to be done at home so I will not be stressed out about it – sharing some responsibilities with everyone else in the house. We already had a plan prior my first-day work but running through it again base on current situation won’t hurt. So I came up with this list.

And each member of the family will grab an item on which they can commit doing – well that’s the idea. So stay tuned next month to see our progress on this action.