Going back to the software industry has been somewhat overwhelming especially being away from it for years. My routines and my daily environment changed. Don’t get me wrong but I am really pumped up to be back I’m just in the state of transition. With this, I will share the ten valuable lesson in my one month of being back.
1. Don’t be afraid to ask – there’s no such thing as stupid question.
The team don’t expect that you can pick up in an instant on the product, technology and process. If something doesn’t make sense, ask! Dealing the problem by yourself will often time lead to timewarp that can hurt you in the long run in meeting the goal. I like to ALWAYS remind myself when in the verge of getting stuck in solving the problem give myself 15-30 minutes then ask for help!
2.Trying so hard vs Taking day by day the lessons.
I guess my excitement in getting back to work makes me want to be in that working capability I have going on before – be more productive and useful in the team so I try so hard to learn everything FAST and pick up my pace. But that was wrong for me to do that, I was being hard with myself and stressed me out big time – putting very high expectation for myself. Luckily, my team is very patient and understanding, often times they would remind me that it’s ok not to get things or when I’m doing a task it takes time. So I try very much not to be hard on myself and make each day a learning opportunity to grow technically and personally.
3. Don’t forget to relax and smile.
With the combination of #1 , I always forget to chill sometimes and smile. And enjoy every moment, because being hard on myself will not solve anything.
4. It’s ok to fail, failures teach us valuable lessons in moving forward.
One of our managers said to me this one, and it really makes sense to me, we don’t have to be perfect all the time and it’s ok to fail. It’s reassuring to hear this, that’s it’s ok that you mess up once in awhile and making that experience an opportunity to improve oneself or how you approach on your tasks.
5. Start talking and be involve in speaking engagement.
Being a full-time mum for me means most of the time I’m at home/school/grocery so it also means theirs not many people I get to talk to. For me most of the time I would end up not talking to anyone for 8 hours every Monday-Friday. But going back to work would mean I need to communicate with my peers to get things done or share ideas. For me to overcome this, I joined different available meetup here in Vancouver that would align my goals and the cause I believe in. Additionally, I signup for our company’s speaker club to improve my communication skills and fear of public speaking.
6. Don’t assume things – ask!
As my colleagues put it including our architect encourages me to always question everything. If you’re not convinced of something try to ask the other person to explain it to you so you would understand. Additionally, don’t assume that the process/tools/workflow used by other team members is used for a long time because it could be a new process/tools/workflow that was introduced just recently before you joined the team as part of the team improvement – asking for “why are we doing this?” will not hurt to give you a better understanding with making sense with what you’re doing and not just following blindly.
7. Pair Program – it’s a good way to learn from other team member’s workflow.
Being new to the company made me realise how important pair programming is because aside from learning the technical stuff of the code, it’s also a venue for learning on how other are doing members are doing their task/workflow. Like the tools and flow that makes them efficient and effective on their job.
8. Don’t be afraid to share one’s work-related experience.
With #7 it’s more of like receiving new learnings but it’s also a good idea to share one’s experience on a work-related situation that is useful in making the team succeed. As a team working together learning from each other will be very helpful in achieving goals.
9. Be involve in the company’s events/gatherings to meet other people from the different departments.
Collaboration in an organisation is one key in making the company successful and reaching out to members of other departments in company events/gatherings or simple “how’s it going?” conversation in the kitchen can come a long way in the long run.
10. Commit only to the things you can do.
This is self-explanatory that can often be taken lightly as human beings it’s our tendency to make ourselves to stand-out in the crowd that sometimes leads to “biting off more than one can chew”.  And that should not be the case for in a team, we plan for our sprint our goals that we can commit to doing and if any problem arises we communicate it to the team as soon as possible because nothing feels better than achieving a goal with the team.
These lessons I had was made possible most especially the work environment I’m in has great company values that encourage one another in moving forward as a team. So definitely, choosing wisely on a company that I would love to be part of really paid off, it was worth the wait!