When I started this blog with “Don’t Stop Exploring” I was in that mindset of going out of my comfort zone because I believe that personal growth will likely to happen if you’re doing things that are out of your norm and exploring new things in life. And for our family, we try to be adventurous as much as we can, even started our 2017 with a big adventure.

Today, I had a heart to heart talk with my kid why we are doing this. Before I gave my answer, I reflect myself that two greatest gifts my husband and I could give to our kid are:

  1. Preparing for life and challenges as an adult.
  2. Awesome memories that we can talk about in the distant future.

So as we are heading to our next adventure, Sea to Summit Trail, I then explained that:

  1. Travel and explore while we can because we really don’t know in the future when we are limited on the things we can do.
  2. Going to family adventures like hiking and mountain climbing can broaden the perspective in life – the world is our playground that we can explore and learn from.

I also continued to explain that as a parent, how I raise my kid is greatly impacted on how I was also raised by my parents. So growing up hearing a lot of “No” has crippled me in many ways including limiting my perspective in life and not be able to explore a lot of things that could help me a lot as an adult. I don’t want to repeat that cycle in my own family so taking action is the only thing I can do.

With this, in my next few blogs, it will be all about our great adventures of different trails here in Canada and camping trips. I’ll keep you posted on this, so far in our bucket list are the following:

  1. The Chief at Squamish
  2. Sea to Sky Summit (trail in Sea to Sky Gondola)
  3. Diez Vistas (again)
  4. Garibaldi Lake
  5. Banff
  6. Lake Louise
  7. Jasper
  8. and much more

Until then! Cheers!