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The World is our Playground

When I started this blog with "Don't Stop Exploring" I was in that mindset of going out of my comfort zone because I believe that personal growth will likely to happen if you're doing things that are out of your... Continue Reading →


Starting the year right

It's a new day, it's a new year. It's time for new adventures. For our family we kickstart our year with a cold trip. It was early but the view was magnificent, and worth the early morning drive. Most of us... Continue Reading →

First Day High

Like a high school student excited for the first day of school was my feeling for my first day of work. It is not the time to mope around but all the excitement and mixed emotions compact in one - deep breaths. During... Continue Reading →

Never Stop Exploring

Last week I embark to a public transit adventure wherein I took a skytrain tripping around Vancouver. It was one of the things I wanted to do to like sit back relax and see the different places here. For me... Continue Reading →

Santa Train

Last weekend weekend the after traveling across Canada our city was the last stop for the Canadian Pacific Santa Train. As we were waiting in the cold outside for the train to come, everybody then saw that bright light up... Continue Reading →

Me Time

As I venture out early this morning to do some excursion downtown, I ended up having my morning froth here ar North Vancouver. Then I realize this will be last hurrah before going to work, since I had to temporarily... Continue Reading →

Quality over Quantity

As Autumn season beginning to vanish in the air and the first snow of this Winter sets in we now countdown 20 days before Christmas. Like a child, it gives us joy deep inside as Christmas fast approaches. This morning... Continue Reading →

December – Month of Giving

Finally, December is here! For many of us, it this month that we are in the spending mode. Where we make that shopping list that would echo down the hall way - Christmas shopping. It is also one of the... Continue Reading →

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