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Quality over Quantity

As Autumn season beginning to vanish in the air and the first snow of this Winter sets in we now countdown 20 days before Christmas. Like a child, it gives us joy deep inside as Christmas fast approaches. This morning... Continue Reading →

December – Month of Giving

Finally, December is here! For many of us, it this month that we are in the spending mode. Where we make that shopping list that would echo down the hall way - Christmas shopping. It is also one of the... Continue Reading →

How migrating taught me to live a simplistic life.

Over the years I was married, my husband and I had accumulated a lot of stuff and it was a year ago that my family had minimized our belongings to 3 large luggage, right before we left for Canada. Most... Continue Reading →

Stained Glass

Monday morning thoughts while I'm having my warm coffee. It's beautiful to see Mr. Sun decided to show up this morning, you'll get that mindset of warmth although it's 4°C outside. While I'm sitting here appreciating the brightness of the... Continue Reading →

Weekend early morning thoughts

Last night I had an opportunity to talk to a lovely lady from Dubai at SFU Trottier Observatory event where they had an open house and we get to see this amazing telescope that can capture awesome photos from space.... Continue Reading →

Ease of Use and Maintainable

Software Engineering has really given a great impact in my life to a day to day basis. Learning all these concepts and applying it not only to software development but at the same time at home. I would like to... Continue Reading →

5-minute Rush

Lately, I was "busy" or the better term is focussed on other priorities - Job Hunting. As they would say treat Job Hunting as a full-time job, and it is true since it has taken a lot of my time... Continue Reading →

Accepting Change

"The only thing that is constant is change." -Heraclitus Autumn is by far my favorite season here in Vancouver, with all the vibrant colors bringing life amidst the mostly gloomy rainy weather here. For a new resident here, season change... Continue Reading →

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