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Almost a month ago, I shared something at my blog about doing something that can hopefully help me and my family out with the chores around the house. Unfortunately, we are not successful with it. In some ways, it helped us... Continue Reading →

Starting the year right

It's a new day, it's a new year. It's time for new adventures. For our family we kickstart our year with a cold trip. It was early but the view was magnificent, and worth the early morning drive. Most of us... Continue Reading →

5-minute Rush

Lately, I was "busy" or the better term is focussed on other priorities - Job Hunting. As they would say treat Job Hunting as a full-time job, and it is true since it has taken a lot of my time... Continue Reading →

Mr. Pumpkin

Fall season is one of the most colorful seasons of the year, those warm colors you see outside brings life to the colder weather in Vancouver. And it is also that time of year that we bring home that big... Continue Reading →

It’s all about priorities

Let's face it Moms at some point we are frustrated and tired on how many times have we picked up those stuff on the floor or those stuff that didn't make it to the "proper place". I have been always... Continue Reading →

Mama knows best!

Where's the remote? That's the question echoed the house 4 days ago. It's understandably difficult in this house that some stuff just won't make it to its proper place since we got 3 independent minds existing in this space. It... Continue Reading →


"Truly wonderful the mind of a child is." - Yoda So I was reading the news on the net, and my kid sat beside me and saw something on the page then said, "Oh, they're giving free cookies?". I was amused... Continue Reading →

Talking about sensitivity aye

"Women are more sensitive than Men." Have you heard this phrase? In the past weeks, I contemplate on this while trying to get to know more about myself and what makes me a sensitive person and I remember seeing an article... Continue Reading →

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